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Voluntary termination of pregancy

In 2024, a law enshrined in the 1958 Constitution (art. 34) the freedom of women to have access to voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVG). The bill, presented to the Council of Ministers on 12 December 2023, was passed by the deputies on 30 January 2024 without amendment, then adopted by the Senate on 28 February 2024.
The sole article of the bill amends article 34 of the 1958 Constitution to state that "the law determines the conditions in which the freedom guaranteed to women to have recourse to a voluntary interruption of pregnancy is exercised".
In France, abortion had been decriminalised and regulated since the Veil law of 17 January 197->]5, reinforced by the abortion law of December 1979. The right to abortion has subsequently been strengthened by a number of texts: the offence of obstructing an abortion created in 1993, the 2013 social security funding law allowing free abortions, a 2014 law removing the reference to a "situation of distress", the law of 20 March 2017 which extended the offence of obstructing an abortion, and finally the law of 2 March 2022 which extended the legal waiting period from 12 to 14 weeks.

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