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Religion in the workplace

Religion in the workplace

Accommodation of religious garb may include allowing employees to wear religious head coverings (such as a Jewish yarmulke or a Muslim hijab), or to wear certain hairstyles or facial hair (such as Sikh uncut hair and beard). The Titan Company of Crespellano (Bologna) has agreed with supervisors and workers that each worker, no matter his or her faith, will enjoy the possibility to celebrate religious ceremonies all over the year. This solution applies in particular to Muslims during Ramadan.
Religious dietary systems may represent one of the most pressing challenge for the respect of religious pluralism in the workplace. It remains very rare that an Italian company offers a menu complying with religious norms in work canteen service.

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 See also PACILLO Vincenzo, "Law and relgion in the workplace: the italian report" in RODRÍGUEZ BLANCO Miguel (ed.), Law and religion in the workplace, Proceedings of the XXVIIth annual conference of the European Consortium for Church and State Research, Alcalá de Henares, 12-15 November 2015, Granada, Comares, December 2016, p. 235-252.

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