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The 1948 Italian Constitution provides for the equality of all citizens before the law without difference on the ground of religion. The Italian Parliament has also ratified the International Agreement of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (New York, 16 December 1966). The Workers’ Statute (law No. 300/1970) invalidates any agreement or action of the employer which constitutes discrimination for reasons of religion or political opinion (Sect. 15). Equality between men and women at work is specifically recognised and guaranteed by the 1977 law (No. 903). The 991 law (No. 125) also provides for affirmative actions to encourage true equal opportunity for women in access to employment and during employment. The 1966 law (No. 604) prohibits dismissal for discriminatory reasons such as religious affiliation (Sect. 4). The 1990 law (No. 108) invalidates dismissal for discriminatory reasons, such as race or religion, and always requires the reinstatement of the dismissed worker.

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