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Religious Marriages

Article 8 of the Villa Madama agreement regulates the so-called matrimonio concordatario, under which a Catholic marriage is valid in the eyes of the State law and the Ecclesiastical Tribunal’s sentence of annulment could be effective in the Italian Republic by the judgement of a State competent court of appeal. In particular, on the basis of Article 8 of the 1984 agreement, a marriage contract made in accordance to the Canon law has civil effects when registered in the State’s registry office. The application for registration is made in writing by the Catholic priest no more than five days after the wedding date. Article 8 of the 1984 agreement also states that the sentence of annulment of a marriage pronounced by ecclesiastical tribunals is, at the request of both parties or one of them, effective in the Italian (civil-secular) State by the judgement of the competent Court of Appeal. This is possible when certain conditions have been ascertained. In particular, the ecclesiastical sentences must be enforced by the Italian Courts of appeal in accordance with Canon Law. However, the concrete element of the case shall not be re-examined by these courts which, on the other hand, should make provisional economic measures in favour of one of the spouses: these measures are valid until the final decision of the State Court takes place.

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