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Provenance des données

A precise and quite objective record of inhabitants with regard to affiliation to religious communities in Czechoslovakia was kept until the communist coup in 1948. Records were administered by local authorities. This record keeping was abolished by the decree of communist government of 27 June 1954.
This did not mean, unfortunately, an increased protection of one of the aspects of personal life. The decision corresponded with the doctrine of the regime which viewed the religion of citizens as a strictly personal matter. The administrative record of religious citizens, especially active ones, was oftentimes replaced by continuous surveillance by the communist State Secret Police.
It was in the interest of the then atheistic system to conceal the information on the number of people still claiming allegiance to a religion.
After the restoration of the democracy in 1989, the country did not revert to the original system of record keeping. The reason was, however, different : it was because of the constitutional assurance of the autonomy of religious communities, and the increased protection of sensitive personal data, into which falls membership to a religious community.

The presentation of social facts about religion in the Czech Republic cannot be currently based on any publicly verified statistical data. The affiliation with religious communities is solely regulated by the internal regulations thereof, and is independent of state authorities.
Individual religious communities are registered pursuant to a law but their members are not. Information provided here comes from surveys conducted by the Czech Statistical Office in 1991, 2001, and 2011.
Other sources are facts made public by the religious communities, sociological surveys, and literature.

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