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Les établissements confessionnels

Churches and religious communities have the right to found and administer primary school, secondary schools, universities and school facilities for the purpose of education in accordance with conditions stipulated by the law. Schools and school facilities are in the same position as state schools and school facilities, they are a non-separable and equal part of the SR educational system. The Slovak Republic acknowledges the validity of certificates of graduation at these schools and facilities to the full extent of certificates of graduation of the same type, discipline or level at state schools. It considers them equivalent to the State certificates ; the same applies to certificates of academic degrees and ranks.
Church schools in Slovakia began to be founded immediately after 1989, but recently the number of new foundations seems to slowed down. In terms of educational assessment they are in first place within the selected main subject quality survey. That is why there is a great interest in church primary schools and secondary grammar (high) schools. At present in Slovakia there is one Catholic university, 45 church grammar schools, 11 church secondary technical schools, 5 church secondary technical training schools, 103 church primary schools, 18 church nursery schools. The state financial contribution per pupil is the same for church schools as for state ones.

See also : Dana HANESOVÁ, "Religiosity and Its Current Educational Context in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic", in Hungarian Educational Research Journal, 2013, n° 4.
For further information concerning the legal aspect of the religious instruction, see the heading Specific stipulations, Chapter "Education" (in "Legal status of religions" > "Specific stipulations").

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