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Écoles religieuses

Three types of primary and secondary schools can be found in the Czech Republic : the majority of schools are public schools, established by municipalities or regional authorities or exceptionally by the State. Secondly, there are also church schools, established by a religious community. Thirdly, one can find private schools (established by an individual or legal entity of private law). Religious communities are recognized as a legal entity of private law and can established private schools too, but they do it rarely.
During the communist regime in the years 1950–1990, there were no private or church schools have not existed. Both have been newly established in 1990.
Only certain churches and religious societies, and their member bodies with legal personality (church national centres, dioceses, orders, parishes) can be founders of church schools. The Act on Churches and Religious Societies No. 3/2002 granted “the special right to create church schools” to : the Roman Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren, the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, the Silesian Evangelical Church of the Ausgsburg Confession, the Unity of Brethren (Moravian Brethren), the Baptists, the Adventists, the Federation of Jewish Communities, the Apostolic Church (Pentecostal Church), the Church of Brethren (Evangelicals-Congregationalists).
Most of the costs of church schools are paid by the State. The religious community appoints the director of the school and usually provides a building. The students are admitted after fulfilling the admission requirements, and their admission is not the result of their religious belonging. The certificates given by church schools have a public validity.
There are about 130 church schools in the Czech Republic, 70% of them are Catholic. There are about 30 other church school facilities, which include pupil homes, pedagogical and psychological centres and recreational centres for children and youth.

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