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Theological colleges and confessional universities

Theological colleges form part of several state universities. There are Roman Catholic theological colleges, Protestant, Orthodox and Greek Catholic theological colleges. Theological institutes and ecclesiastical seminaries are also to be found. Missio canonica, or church commission is a necessary prerequisite for teaching in these institutions. The internal directives of theological colleges and confessional universities are approved by an academic senate after the relevant church or religious community has submitted them. Act no.131/2002 Col. stipulates which sections of the Act shall “proportionally” apply to confessional universities and theological colleges. 22 sections of the University Act are relevant. They concern academic rights and freedoms, the establishment of faculties, academic self-government and its competency, rectors, deans, entrance and disciplinary proceedings, students’ and teachers’ rights and duties, scientific and academic board, and public university administrative board competence.
In 2000 Catholic Church established Catholic University in Ružomberok. The State contributes to its running costs. It was established by the Bishops Conference of Slovakia. The Catholic University has a Faculty of Arts, a Theological Faculty (in Košice), and a Faculty of Education.
Additionally, there are pastoral centres serving students in university towns. Their legal status is subject to the Catholic Church, other churches usually appoint student chaplains for pastoral duties with students.

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