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Country information

General overview

  • Area: 407 311 km² land area of 528 447 km² in total (Swedish Institute 2020).
  • Population: 10 521 000. The population is mostly urban and only 13% of the population live in the countryside, outside localities. 27% of the total population has a foreign background, by being born abroad or being children born in Sweden with both of their parents born abroad (National Statistics, December 31st 2022).
  • Capital: Stockholm.
  • Biggest cities and population, including suburbs: Stockholm 2 300 000, Gothenburg 1000 000, Malmö 720 000 (National Statistics, December 31st 2019).
  • Regions and municipalities: The Swedish public state administration is divided into 21 regions and 290 municipalities.
  • Languages: Swedish and five official national minority languages; Sami, Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalen Finnish), Yiddish and Romani Chib.

55% of the population (5,7 million) are members of the Church of Sweden (evangelical-lutheran) (Church of Sweden statistics 2020) and 9% (948 000) belong to minority Christian denominations and other religions (Swedish Agency for Support to Faith Communities 2020).

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