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Some key dates

432: St. Patrick arrived to help convert the pagan Irish to Christianity
1169: Part conquest by Norman Knights from Britain
1534: Act of Supremacy (separating Church of England from Rome) followed by extension of Protestant Reformation to Ireland
1601: Defeat of Gaelic Irish Catholic Chiefs by English forces at the Battle of Kinsale, to be followed by the Protestant plantation of Ulster
1690: Defeat of Catholic King James II by Protestant King William of Orange followed by Penal Laws against Catholics and Protestant Dissenters
1798: Failed Irish Republican rebellion
1829: Catholic Emancipation Act
1845-48: Great Irish Famine followed by large scale emigration
1871: Church of Ireland (Anglican) disestablished in Ireland
1916: Irish Nationalist rebellion
1921: Partition of Ireland - 6 counties of Northern Ireland remain within United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1922: Independence for 26 counties of new Irish Free State
1937: New Constitution
1969: Eruption of violent conflict in Northern Ireland
1972: Referendum removes the clause in the 1937 Constitution recognizing the special position of the Roman Catholic Church
1973: Ireland joins the EEC (European Union)
1995: Referendum passed to allow divorce
2013: Legislation passed allowing abortion, in cases of threat to life of the mother
2015: Referendum passed allowing same-sex marriage.

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