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Religious landscape

Catholicism: the Majority Religion

The Spanish Constitution of 27 December 1978 established the religious neutrality of the State, a principle which was reinforced by the promulgation of the Ley Orgánica de Libertad Religiosa of 5 July 1980. In this way, the state was declared non-confessional but Catholicism was recognised as the religion of the majority of Spaniards.
The constitution also recognises the existence of other religious communities and it provides for the possibility of signing cooperation agreements between the state and those religious groups which, due to their long-lasting presence in the country and the number of followers, have been granted the status of “deeply-rooted religious groups”. In 1992, the government signed cooperation agreements with the national federations representing Islam, Judaism and Protestantism.

For further information, see the article of Julia Martínez-Ariño on ORELA website.

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