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Religious opinions, beliefs and attitudes

Study results

Results of the study carried out by the "European Value Systems Study Group" in 1999.

They are results from Austria on questions concerning religion. These questions help identify the opinions and beliefs of Austrians.

The importance of religion
When questioned on the importance of certain aspects of life, 53 % declared that religion is “quite important” or “very important” to them.

Living with other religions
15% of those questioned would not want to have “Muslims” as neighbours, and 8% would not want to have “Jewish” neighbours.

Self-determination of religious affiliation
75% of those questioned say they are “religious people” while 18% say they are “not religious people”.

The role of Churches
55% feel that Churches are not giving answers to moral problems, 33% think they are.

83% said they believe in God, 13% said they do not; also, 50% believe in life after death while 41% believe in telepathy.

Views of God
51% believe there is a superior power, 31% believe there is a personal God.

Source:Hermann Denz (Hg.), Die europäische Seele. Leben und Glauben in Europa, Wien (Czernin-Verlag), 2002.

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