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La prise en compte des minorités religieuses

Non-Orthodox students, if they so choose, are exempt from religion class, prayer and school masses, but no other type of instruction is available.
In order to obtain an exemption, both parents of the pupils (or the pupil himself, according to his age) must send an official request to the head of the institution, declaring that the pupil is not an Orthodox.
There are however denominational establishments, in certain areas where a strong concentration of religious minorities is found ; namely Catholic schools in the Cyclades Islands and Moslem establishments in the north of Greece.
The majority of the Turkish pupils receive education from a special autonomous schools for minorities (meionotika scholeia),located in Thrace, which offers a bilingual program of education (Greek-Turkish). The rate of schooling and the educational level are in general lower there than that of the other religious minorities in Greece, and the level of Greek language of the Turkish pupils is very low.
The Ministry of education developed a new program for the teaching of the Moslem pupils of Turkish origin, with new programs of studies and handbooks aiming at a better adaptation of the Moslem children and at the improvement of the teachers’ training.

See the website of the Ministry of Education (in Greek).

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