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Fondation Pluralismo y Convivencia

The Fundación Convivencia y Pluralismo (Foundation for Pluralism and Coexistence) is a public entity, created by the Council of Ministers on 15 December 2004 following a proposal from the Ministry of Justice.
Its objectives are the following :

- To promote freedom of religion, supporting certain projects by religious groups and denominations who have signed a cooperation agreement with the Spanish State ;
- To provide a space for reflection and debate on religious freedom and its place in the development of an adequate framework for living together ;
- To promote the standardisation of religion in society.

To achieve these objectives, the Foundation is developing its work with three types of partners : with religious denominations, providing support to their representative bodies and their activities, as well as to communities, churches and local entities ; with society in general, as initiator of public debate and as a space for social cohesion and living together ; and with governments, generating policies, ensuring rights are guaranteed, managing various aspects of diversity and plurality throughout the national territory.

For more details on the activities of the Foundation, visit the Foundation’s website (in Spanish).

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