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Action sociale et religion

There is a distinction between the registration processes of NGOs and religious entities in Spain. Thus, religious entities can formally register as such, encompassing within their services and activities various social actions. Additionally, many social welfare organizations are affiliated or connected with religious entities.

One prominent example of charitable work in Spain is “Caritas”, established in 1947 by the Episcopal Conference in Spain. Its primary objectives include social action, solidarity economy, international cooperation and emergency relief.

REMAR”, an NGO associated with the Evangelical churches and supported by FEREDE (Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain), is another international organization aimed at helping people in vulnerable situations. Among other initiatives, they are well-known for their projects addressing drug addictions and aiding in the reintegration of individuals into society. “Diaconia" is another organization of Protestant origin and identity with projects focused on social action.

Islamic Relief Spain” is also a well-known organization, operating as a Muslim Charity with significant international presence and several venues in Spain. They engage in solidarity efforts on a global scale, particularly focusing on emergencies occurring within Muslim-majory contexts, such as Palestine.

At a local level, it is also noteworthy to highlight the role of certain religious entities in the support of social canteens and food banks.

In 2023, the Fundación Pluralismo y Convivencia published a report entitled “The social action of minority religions in Spain : map, practices, and perceptions”(“La acción social de las confesiones minoritarias en España : mapa, prácticas y percepciones”). This report represents the first quantitative and qualitative approach to the social action undertaken by minority religious confessions in Spain, including Jews and Scientology, among others.

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