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Excerpts from the law concerning ritual slaughter

Article 3
33) A religious ritual slaughter is a series of procedures related to the slaughter of animals, in accordance with the rules of religion;

Article 18
When slaughtering animals for production, stunning must be carried out before bleeding, causing immediate loss of consciousness.
As an exception to paragraph 1 of this article, animals for production may be slaughtered without prior stunning in the following cases:
3) ritual slaughter.
More detailed conditions for the protection of animals for production during slaughter, the method and means for stunning and killing animals, as well as the method of training persons referred to in Article 20, paragraph 6 of this law are prescribed by the Ministry.

Article 21
It is forbidden:
2) to slaughter if the animal is not stunned in a prescribed and professional manner, except in the case of ritual slaughter or if the animal is in agony.

Source: The Animal Welfare Protection Law (Katalog propisa 2016 - Registar i precisceni tekstovi propisa Crne Gore).

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