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Statistics and main surveys 2022

- The French and the Bible
IFOP for La Croix and ABF, June 2022

- The French and superstition
IFOP and Frédéric Esteban, May 2022

- The vote of confessional electorates in the second round of the presidential election
IFOP for La Croix and Le Pèlerin, April 2022

- Practising Catholics and the 2022 presidential election
IFOP for Ecrans de veille, March 2022

- Public opinion on GPA and LGBT issues in the presidential campaign
IFOP for ADFH, March 2022

- Barometer on the fight against discrimination. Wave March 2022
Harris interactive for Pote à pote, March 2022

- Radiographie de l’antisémitisme en France- 2022 edition (Radiography of Antisemitism in France)
Fondapol, 2022

- Is France’s identity under threat?
IFOP for Vae solis, January 2022

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