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Le recensement de 2011

The questionnaire completed by each household during the 2011 census included a question on the religious beliefs of individuals. The statistical service published the results regarding population enumerated by religion, age, sex, nationality and country of birth categories. According to the census, the vast majority of the populations are Eastern – Orthodox Christians (89%), of which the majority have Cypriot citizenship (87%) and/or were born in Cyprus (83%).

In comparison to the 2001 census, there is an increase of Roman Catholics, Muslims and Anglicans/Protestants. Most Catholics and Muslims are non-EU citizens and/or have non-EU countries of birth, whereas most Anglicans/Protestants come from countries of the EU. The table below shows the numbers and percentages of the population by religion.

Republic of Cyprus – 2011 Census
Population by religion

Orthodox 748,610 89.08
Armenians 2,453 0.29
Maronites 3,800 0.45
Roman Catholics 24,460 2.91
Muslims 15,279 1.82
Anglicans/Protestant 16,974 2.02
Hindus 1,528 0.18
Buddhists 8,453 1
Other 4,112 0.49
Atheists/No Religion 5,357 0.64
Not Stated 9,381 1.12
TOTAL 840,407 100

Note : The Republic of Cyprus held the latest census in Oct. 2011, which covered only the government-controlled area. Turkish Cypriots residing outside the controlled area were not included in the census.

Source : Population - Country of Birth, Citizenship Category, Country of Citizenship, Language, Religion, 2011

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