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Une nouvelle modalité pour l’inscription aux cours de religion

Further to Constitutional Court Ruling No. 669/2014, parents who wanted their children to study religion were required to enrol them in the course at the beginning of each year. From 2019, the requirement for annual enrolment will be abolished. Enrolment in the religion classes for students choosing to follow this subject will be valid once and for all throughout the schooling period, unless this choice is changed. In concrete terms, parents will no longer be asked to confirm their children’s participation in the religion class every year, but only once, with the option of modifying their decision.

The new procedure was introduced by the Order of the Ministry of Education no. 3.218/16 February 2018 and generally aligns with the expectations of the Romanian Orthodox Church regarding religious education in public schools, following the decision of the Constitutional Court in 2014 regarding compulsory enrolment for the religion class.

D 8 janvier 2019    AGabriel Birsan

CNRS Unistra Dres Gsrl

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