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Principales religions et Eglises

The principal religious denomination in Norway is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway, whose membership of 3.5 million accounts for 65% of the population (2021). The structure of the Church is regulated by the Act on Faith Communities (2020).

With a membership of 700,369, or 15% of the population, members of registered faith communities outside the Church of Norway are mainly subdivided between Christian denominations (370,997), Islam (169,605) and life stance communities (97,260 in 2022). Among these denominations, the Roman-Catholic Church (165,644) and the Norwegian Humanist Association (99 305) constitute by far the largest singular organisations. The latter is the largest such national organisation in the world in proportion to the size of the country’s population, and a significant voice in the public debate on religion in Norway. A notable organisation in the Norwegian religious landscape is the Council for Religious and Life Stance Communities, whose 15 member organisations include all the major denominations.

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