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Enfants et parents

Following the adoption of the Human Rights Act (1999), the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC, 1989) was made part of the legal framework, overriding general statutory law, but subordinate to the Constitution. Additionally, the rights of children are protected in the Children Act (1981) and the Child Welfare Act (1992). In 2014, the Act on Ritual Circumcision of Boys was adopted, in order to secure the accessibility and safety of circumcision procedures. Since 1981, Norway has had a Children Ombudsman in charge of monitoring all aspects concerning the role of children in Norwegian society. The Children Act has no specific provisions on children and religion. The Child Welfare Act §4-15 stipulates that the placement of children in alternative care should seek continuity with the child’s upbringing, as well as ethnic, religious and linguistic background, in line with article 20(3) of the CRC.

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