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La loi sur les communautés de foi

A new Act on Faith Communities entered into force in 2021, replacing the old Act on Faith Communities (1969), the Act on support to Worldview communities (1981) and the Church Act (1996). The Act has specific rules for the registration and recognition of faith communities and a separate chapter on the Church of Norway. The Act introduces new and stricter rules for financial support : faith communities that violate, condone or encourage violence, the use of force, threats, the violation of children’s rights, the violation of anti-discrimination laws or the violation of the rights and freedoms of others may lose financial support. Faith communities that receive financial donations from states that do not respect the right to freedom of religion or belief may also lose financial support. In cases where violations are systematic and egregious, registration may also be discontinued. The Act also regulates the right to conduct marriages, the right to a burial plot, the religious freedom of children and the right to two days off work and school to celebrate religious holidays.

D 7 juin 2022    AHelge Årsheim

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