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Following amendments in 2012, article 2 of the Constitution no longer establishes the Evangelical Lutheran faith as the official religion of Norway. The current version, however, stipulates that, “Our values will remain our Christian and humanist heritage”. The unclear scope of this formulation has been repeatedly pointed out following the amendments. Article 16 of the amended constitution secures the religious freedom of all citizens and pronounces that the Church of Norway (CON) “will remain the Established Church of Norway”, and is eligible for financial support, which is also admitted to all other faith communities on an equal footing. Remnants of the old relationship between church and state can still be found in article 4, which provides that “the King shall at all times profess the Evangelical-Lutheran religion”, and article 9, which requires Kings that come of age to take the following oath before parliament: "I promise and swear that I will govern the Kingdom of Norway in accordance with its Constitution and Laws; so help me God, the Almighty and Omniscient."

D 16 September 2016    AHelge Årsheim

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