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La Constitution

Article 19 [Freedom of Religion]
Freedom of religion and of public worship as well as freedom to express one’s religious opinions are guaranteed, subject to the repression of offenses committed in the exercise of such freedoms.

Article 20 [No Forced Religion]
No one may be forced to take part in any way whatsoever in the acts and ceremonies of a religion or to observe its days of rest.

Article 21 [Civil Marriage]
Civil marriage must always precede the nuptial benediction.

Article 22 [State and Church]
The State’s intervention in the appointment and installation of heads of religions, the mode of appointing and dismissing other ministers of religion, the right of any of them to correspond with their superiors and to publish their acts and decisions, as well as the Church’s relations with the State shall be made the subject of conventions to be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies for the provisions governing its intervention.

Article 26 [Association]
Luxembourgers enjoy freedom of association. This right shall not be made subject to any prior authorization.

Article 106 [Salaries of Priests]
The salaries and pensions of ministers of religion shall be borne by the State and regulated by the law.

Article 108 [Registration Authority]
The preparation of birth, marriage, and death certificates and the keeping of the registers shall lie exclusively within the competence of the communal authorities.

Article 110 [Oath]
(1) No oath may be imposed, except pursuant to the law, which determines in what form it is to be taken.
(2) All civil public officials, before entering upon their duties, take the following oath :
"I swear allegiance to the Grand Duke and obedience to the Constitution and the laws of the State. I promise to fulfil my duties with integrity, exactitude, and impartiality."

Article 119 [Provisions Concerning Religions]
Pending the conclusion of the conventions referred to in Article 22, the current provisions concerning religions shall remain in force.

See extracts from the 1868 Constitution, Legirel.

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