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Des informations précises sur la religion et la non religion

A full description of religion in the United Kingdom is available on the website of national statistics.

Information and up-to-date comments on news concerning religion in Great Britain can be found on the British Religion in Numbers blog, which publishes a monthly summary of the latest available data, Counting Religion in Britain. Information concerning religious affiliation in Scotland is provided by the Scottish Government and is available here.

The think tank Theos believes that the modern world can’t be understood without understanding religion. It offers many reports which inform the debate about the place of religion in contemporary society. Ekklesia is another independent think tank which seeks to promote transformative ideas in politics, economy, society and religion. It produces a series of reports and briefings about contemporary issues religion in the UK.

Another important academic source of information about religion and current debates is The Religious Studies Project. It is an international collaborative enterprise which produces weekly podcasts with leading scholars on the social-scientific study of religion.

There is a lively debate on the rise of secularism in Great Britain, with a series of organisations providing an alternative agenda to cater for those with no religion. The National Secular Society has been campaigning for the separation of religion and politics, while Humanists UK aim at bringing together non-religious people to develop their own understanding of the world. The two websites contain information about alternative ways of understanding the world and provide an interesting collection of secular perspectives. A more scholarly approach to the study of secularism has been developed by the Non-religion and Secularity Network.

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