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Un enseignement islamique confessionnel à l’école primaire

For the first time in Germany, denominational Islamic teaching has been introduced into around 20 primary schools in Hesse in time for the 2013/14 school year, in conformity with Article 7.3 of the Basic Law ; it is modelled on Catholic or Protestant teaching delivered in state schools.
The DITIB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs) and the Muslim community Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat were designated as discussion partners of the Ministry of Education in Hesse in order to implement these courses. Some 440 pupils in the first year of primary school will be involved. It will be extended year after year to higher classes.
The courses are delivered in German by Muslim teachers who already teach other subjects. While legislation in Hesse prohibits wearing of the headscarf for female Muslim teachers and more generally within public office, they are authorised to wear a headscarf as a special dispensation within the framework of the lessons on religion.

For more information, see Frankfurter Rundschau and Focus.

January 2014

D 28 janvier 2014    ASylvie Toscer-Angot

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