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  • March 2013

- Imams in Switzerland should benefit from higher education in future. A Confederation working group bringing together representatives from Muslims, universities and the state (that has met every three months since 2010) came together in March 2013 to establish a future programme for training imams in Switzerland.

- The issue of the burqa and its ban is a debate which regularly resurges in the Swiss public arena. An initiative by political members of the UDC, a populist right party, seeking to ban the wearing of the burqa in Swiss public places was brushed aside in late 2012 by the National Council. This text had already been refused by the Council of States.

  • February 2013

A new popular federal initiative against abortion, assisted suicide and pre-implantation diagnosis was launched in late February 2013, entitled “Protecting life to remedy the loss of billions”. This initiative - supported by evangelical activist Heinz Hürzeler, former UDF municipal councillor (a political party which seeks to defend Christian values and which had already contributed significantly to the anti-minaret initiative) - relies heavily on religious arguments. The Swiss have already been called upon to vote on a text to abolish reimbursements for voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) - supported by members of the UDC, PDC, PLR, the Evangelical People’s Party (PEV) and the Federal Democratic Union (UDF).

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