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Key links

 Apostolic Exarchate of the Bulgarian Catholics of Greek Rite (in Bulgarian)
 Bulgarian Orthodox Church – Bulgarian Patriarchate (in Bulgarian)
 Catholic Church in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
 Chief Mufti’s Office (Muftiate) (in Bulgarian)
 Church Magazine (newspaper of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church) (in Bulgarian)
 Directorate of Religious Denominations at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
 European Court of Human Rights’ Judgments on Bulgaria (in Bulgarian) and its Press country profile for Bulgaria (in English).
 Evangelical Newspaper (online journal of the evangelical church in Bulgaria) (in Bulgarian)
 Higher Institute for Islamic Studies (in Bulgarian)
 National Council of the Religious Communities in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
 Shalom Organization of Jews in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)
 United Evangelical Churches in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian)

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