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Participation à la vie de l’Eglise

Never Occasionally At least once a month At least once a week
1999 11 37 21 31
2008 17 40 16 26

Though there has been a decline in church participation from 1999 to 2008, the regular church attendance (at least once a month or more often) is high when compared to data with other European countries as there were about 42% of regular church-goers.

Comparison of the 2008 data with new research data provided by the Pew Research Center published in May 2017 (fieldwork was done from June 2015 to July 2106 in 18 Central and Eastern European countries) shows little change in that respect, though the Pew Research Center used different categories to measure church participation. According to these data, 24% of Croatian population attend religious services weekly, 43% monthly/yearly, and 32% seldom/never.

Source :
- Črpić, G., Zrinščak, S., "Dynamism in Stability : Religiosity in Croatia in 1999 and 2008“. Društvena istraživanja, 105-106 (1-2), 2010, p. 3-37. (in Croatian), Article based on the European Value Survey 1999 and 2008).
- Pew Research Center (2017) Religious Belief and National Belonging in Central and Eastern Europe. Full Report available as a pdf document at the Pew Research Center website.

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