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La Recherche

The universities in Austria also build the most important network concerning research on religions, which take place in different ways at the aforementioned institutions.

The Research Centre "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society" is located at the University of Vienna. Since the foundation as a research platform in 2010, the centre is exploring the reciprocal relationships between religion, religiosity and transformation processes in contemporary global contexts. The centre currently included around 60 researchers from 7 faculties and 14 disciplines, such as Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Islamic theology, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies and Religious Studies, Social Sciences, Law and Cultural Studies, Philosophy and Education.

The research of the centre focuses on the following clusters :
- Transformation of the Philosophy of Religion
- Religious Education in Context of Transformation Processes
- Transformations of Law between Religion and Society
- Transforming Urban Spaces : Migration and Religion
- Religion and Transformation in Austria
- Transformation in Religion and Aesthetics
- Transformations of Jewish and Christian Identities in the Past and Present
- Salvational Transformations : Millenarianism
- Transformation of Social Scientific Theories of Religion : Past, Present, Future.

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