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Federal Law

Pursuant to Article 16, paragraph 3 of the Federal Law “on freedom of conscience and religious associations”, religious organisations have the right to perform religious rituals in medical institutions, hospitals, orphanages, retirement homes and in places of execution of custodial sentences (see "Religions and prison"), at the request of citizens there (in premises designated by the management).

There is no state-funded hospital chaplaincy. The Federal Law “on the principles for protection of citizens’ health in the Russian Federation” of 21.11.2011, no. 323-FZ, stipulates that each patient has the right to receive a visit by a minister of worship. This involves providing the conditions for performing religious rituals, including the temporary use of a separate room, subject to respect for the internal rules of the hospital.

There are no legislative restrictions on hospital personnel manifesting their religious convictions or wearing clothes or religious symbols in the workplace.

D 4 April 2013    AMikhaïl Chakhov

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