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Principal religions and denominations

On Catholicism in Belgium, see the article by Caroline Sägesser, "Les catholiques de Belgique, nouvelle minorité", Orela, 12 December 2022.

See also other articles by Caroline Sägesser :
- « Le quatrième rapport annuel de l’Église catholique de Belgique questionne le périmètre de ses activités (The fourth annual report of the Catholic Church in Belgium questions the scope of its activities) (in French), Orela, 27 December 2021.
- "Third annual report of the Catholic Church of Belgium: a look at itself from a Church "in transition"" (in French), Orela, 5 January 2021.
- "Second report of the Catholic Church in Belgium: practice rates still falling" (in French), Orela, 20 December 2019.
- "The annual report of the Catholic Church in Belgium: a quantified portrait rich in teachings" (in French), Orela, 8 December 2018.

See the reports of the Roman Catholic church in Belgium (rapports annuels de l’Église catholique en Belgique).

The religious landscape:
Assessments about Belgium’s religious landscape are provided by the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Religion and Worldview of the Catholic University of Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven).

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