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Teaching in law of religions

The teaching of the law of religions in Switzerland covers two aspects: the study of ecclesiastical law focusing on regulations and the organisation of religious confessions (canon law for the Catholic churches) and the study of constitutional law governing relations between religious communities and the state (law of religions). In this regard, we may note that, since its founding in 1848, the federal state is responsible for ensuring the fundamental rights of religions, such as freedom of religion, while the cantons are those competent to regulate the legal status of religious communities.

The Faculty of Law in Fribourg possesses a chair in general theory of law, history of law, canon law and ecclesiastical law. Courses in law of religions and canon law are offered to students following a Bachelor’s or Master’s in law. The mention “law of religions” may be appended to them.

The Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva also offers courses in canon law in the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses in law. At the University of Lucerne, it is within the Faculty of Theology that courses in canon law are offered.

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