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L’enseignement est de la compétence des cantons

The Confederation’s Constitution is neutral on religious issues and guarantees the freedom of conscience and religious belief in its Article 15 (see the "main texts" sub-heading), principles which are consistent with the European Convention on Human Rights (art. 9). The regulation of the relationship between the Church and the State falls within the competence of the Cantons (art. 72 of the Constitution).

The regulation of education is also the responsibility of the Cantons. The law guarantees the participation of students of every creed and religion, including those who have no religion.

Private religious establishments are allowed as long as they follow the curriculum set by the Canton.

On religious instruction, the Federal Constitution grants the personal right to receive religious catechism (positive religious right) but also the right to discontinue (negative religious right, article 15). Every Canton regulates religious instruction in its own manner, with the more or less active participation of religious communities.

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