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Enquête sur les jeunes et la religion

A study conducted by European researchers, under the supervision of Hans-Georg Ziebertz of the University of Würzburg, revealed highly different degrees of religiosity among the youth of the countries concerned. About 10 000 youth from 10 countries (8 European countries, Turkey and Israel) were interviewed between 2004 and 2006 on their attitude with regard to religion.
A high degree of religiosity was observed in young Turkish Muslims, followed by young Israeli Jews. These are followed by the young Catholics in Poland, Croatia and Ireland. On the contrary, the young generation in traditionally protestant countries such as Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden shows little identification with religion.

The study also tackles religious practices and the place of religion in the family and in school. Religious education is mostly practiced in Turkey and Poland where 80% of the interviewees declared to be willing to continue practicing the religion of their parents, while only 22% of the Germans hold the same opinion. In Turkey, 84% of parents believe it is important that their children practice the same religion as them. 60% of parents in Poland and only 9% in Germany hold the same opinion.

Religious education is positively regarded by the youth in Turkey, Poland, Croatia and Ireland whereas it is rejected in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. Respondents consider religion as an important aspect in the modern world except the young Dutch who believe it is outdated.

For more information : find detailed responses on the website of the university of Würzburg.

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