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Decisions of the Constitutional Court

- The Conscientious Objection case No. U–I–48/94 (May 1995)
- The Denationalization of Church property case No. U-I-107/96 (December 1996)
- The Request for an assessment of the constitutionality of the contents of a demand to call for a referendum on the Law on the Changes and Additions to the Law on Denationalisation case No. U-I-121/97 (May 1997)
- The case Mihael Jarc et al. No. U–I–68/98 (November 2001)
- The Census case No. U–I–92/01 (February 2002) (Act on the Census of the Population, Households, and Housing in the Republic of Slovenia in the Year 2001)
- Opinion (on the Agreement between the Republic of Slovenia and the Holy See) No. Rm-1/02 (dated 19 November 2003) (Official Gazette RS, No. 118/03 and OdlUS XII, 89)
- The Referendum on the location of a mosque case No. U–I–111/04 (July 2004)
- The Denationalization of Church property – Bled Island case No. Up-395/06, U-I-64/07 (July 2007)

Decisions of the Supreme Court

- The Disclosure of a Membership in the Freemasonry Organisation case- Decision No. II Ips 460/97 (October 1998)
- Conscientious objection to the military service case I – Decisions No. I Ips 307/2003 (December 2003) ; Conscientious objection to the military service case II – No. I Ips 194/2003 (February 2004) and Conscientious objection to the military service case III – No. I Ips 39/2004 (December 2005)

Decisions of Other Courts

- Laicization and Compensation Case - Decision of the Higher Court in Ljubljana No. II Cp 490/2002 (May 2003)
- Church of Holy Simplicity Registration case – Decision of the Administrative Court in Ljubljana No. U 1902/2004-13 (December 2005)
- Legal Representative of the Muslim Community in Slovenia case – Decision of the Higher Court in Ljubljana No. I Cp 101/2006 (February 2006)

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