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  • April 2007: A new registered religious society

On April 19, 2007 the Ministry of Culture registered the Bahá´í Society in the Slovak Republic. This religious society has fulfilled the registration terms and has thus become the 18th registered subject. The Bahá´í faith arrived at the territory of the former Czechoslovakia as early as in 1920s. Gradually the Bahá´í community was created, however, its activity after WWII had to be interrupted, and it was not restored until 1989. At present it has its own advisory body for the Slovak Republic - The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the Slovak Republic.

  • March 2007: Amendment on the Law 308/1991

On March 29, 2007 the National Council of the Slovak Republic adopted the parliamentary draft amendment on the Law 308/1991 Col. on the Freedom of Belief and the Position of Churches and Religious Societies (see Main texts). The draft amendment passed by the Parliament modifies the wording of the Art 11 and Art 12. The registration is to require a consent of 20,000 members, not only persons "claiming a church" – i.e. sympathisers according to the existing broader interpretation of the formulation put in the Law. The given number of church members have to be major citizens of the Slovak Republic resident on its territory. According to the adopted amendment the preparatory committee must also submit statutory declarations of no less than 20,000 members (major citizens of the Slovak Republic resident on its territory), stating that they claim a church or a religious society, they endorse the proposal of its registration, they are church members, they know the basic articles of faith and the doctrine, and they are aware of rights and duties following from their membership in the church or religious society.
The Law 201/2007, modifying and amending the Law 308/1991 coll. on the Freedom of Belief and the Position of Churches and Religious Societies in the wording of the Law 394/200 coll., was published in the Collection of Laws on April 26, 2007, and after being signed by President, it comes into force on May 1, 2007.

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