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L’enseignement privé et de la religion


On the matter of Confessional education, while the Catholics own 56 seminaries and pre-seminaries where their respective priests are prepared, the protestant community has only 8 Seminaries or Theological Education Institutes. After some mergers and closings, several groups can no longer count on a theological training school in Portuguese territory. For instance, the city of Salamanca is the destination for the leaders of the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches of Portugal while the Seventh-Day Adventists resort to their congeners in Spain, France or USA.

Sources : Catholic Yearbook 2007 and Handbook 2007 (Protestant)


Religious education has played a predominant role in Jewish communities. In accordance with its traditions, each synagogue offers religious training courses in order to stimulate the community in valuing and affirming their religious principles. With students from the ages of 4 to 80, the Jewish Community of Lisbon has 82 students who received training in Judaism, Judaic and Hebrew Thought.

Source : Comunidade Israelita de Lisboa


Besides the Sangha, community composed by monastics and laymen, the Portuguese Buddhist Union presents 5 Buddhist schools where the devoted may develop their knowledge by means of the courses or religious training seminars administered in the various Buddhist traditions. Namely : Dojo Zen from Lisbon ; Ogyen Kunzang Choling ; Gyôfu-an-Dôjô ; Karuna Retreat Centre and Dojo Zen Tai Ku An (in adherence).

Source : União Budista Portuguesa

Islamism and teaching Arabic

In Islam, teaching Arabic at mosques is a very important education activity in order to have access to religious training for reading the Quran in its original language.

Source : Communidade islamica

Hinduism and teaching the Gujarati language

The relationship between Hindi and education is for the time being linked to teaching the Gujarati language – the main language spoken by the respective devotees in Portugal. In addition to the community who values and safeguards Hindi traditions, some municipalities, with the Ministry of Education’s authority, promote teaching the language on Saturdays in four public schools. Namely : Lisbon, Amadora and two others in the Greater Area of Loures.

Source : Communidade hindu

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