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Other religions

Protestantism in Portugal has many acting denominations, especially of Evangelical and neo-Pentecostal denominations (e.g.: God’s Assembly and the Mana Church), or due to Brazilian immigration (e.g.: IURD, Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus Universal Church of God’s Kingdom).

The Jewish community in Portugal has managed to keep itself up to present days, in spite of order of expulsion dated December 5th 1496, by decree of the King Emanuel the First, obliging many to chose either forced conversions or effective expulsion from the country. Not to mention imprisonment and the subsequent penalties decreed by the Portuguese Inquisition, that, precisely for that motive, managed to be one of the most active in Europe. The way the cult took shape in the border town of Belmonte is one of the examples of the perseverance of Jews as a unity in Portugal. In Lisbon, in 1506, the Jews were massacred, and about 2.000 to 4.000 lost their lives, in one of the most violent conflicts of the time, at a European level.

There are also Hindu and Muslim minorities, formed almost entirely by the descendants of former immigrants, as well as some specific circles (some of them at a regional level) of Buddhists, Gnostics and Spiritists.

For further information: Paulo Mendes Pinto (dir.), Cosmovisões religiosas e espirituais. Guia didático de tradições presentes em Portugal, September 2016.

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