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Non catholic media

Non-catholic information agencies

The Polish Ecumenical Website together with its sister–site The Ecumenical Journal for Theology is a newly formed initiative of young Polish Christians from various religious denominations. The editorial team consists of members of the Roman-Catholic, Evangelical–Lutheran, Evangelical–Reformed, Pentecostal, Anglican and Orthodox Churches.

Ekumeniczny Serwis Informacyjny

The Polish Ecumenical Website Kościół.p together with its sister–site the Ecumenical Journal for Theology Semper Reformanda is a initiative of Polish Christians from various religious denominations. The agency is promoting the reconciled, and thereby inspiring, diversity of religious denominations which are conscious of their theological identity and open to other Christian traditions.

Ecumenical News International (ENI) was launched in 1994 as a global news service reporting on ecumenical developments and other news of the churches, and giving religious perspectives on news developments world-wide. ENI distributes religious news in English and French on a daily basis electronically to international and religious media, church leaders and organisations and to others who are interested. These daily news stories are assembled in a Bulletin which is published once a month in printed and PDF form. In presenting religious news stories, ENI attempts to be especially sensitive to the differences in language, culture and traditions that mark the global Christian community.
The joint sponsors of ENI, which is based at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, are the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, and the Conference of European Churches, which also have their headquarters at the Ecumenical Centre.

The webpage was established by the members of the Orthodox Church in Poland. It was launched in the Paschal Night May 5, 2002. So far webpage is rising interest of not only Orthodox youth from Podlasie region but also among many other people of all age all around the Poland and abroad.

Website is working since 3 July 2001. This portal provides information, essays, materials about the Catholic Church, but also open to other beliefs and religious denominations. The owner of the site is Publisher Metropolitan Curia "Guest Sunday". The main areas of the activities of the website are: kept up to date information service, including information from the Church, country and world, and journalistic texts, which allows discussion on current problems and situations, opportunity to ask questions and conversations with the priest.

Media Commission of the Polish Ecumenical Council

Media Commission is obligate to coordinating the activities of the media of the churches affiliated to the Polish Ecumenical Council. Committee members serve as consultants in carrying out the function of television and radio programmes. One of the tasks of the committee is also developing the timetable for worship and programs shown on various radio and television stations.

President of the Media Commission:
ks. Zbigniew Kamiński (Evangelical Methodist Church)

Members of the Media Commission:
ks. Jerzy Bajorek (Polish Catholic Church)
Anna Cieślar (Baptists Christians Church)
ks. Grzegorz Dróżdż (Old Catholic Church of the Mariavites)
Ewa Jóźwiak (Evangelical Reformed Church)
ks. dr Henryk Paprocki (Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church)
diakon Halina Radacz (Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession)

Members of the Polish Ecumenical Council have programs in public television stations and public radio station. Programs are broadcast according to the following schedule:
Every Tuesday at 7.20 a.m. on TVP 2 (repeated on Thursdays on TV Polonia at 4.15 p.m.)
The first Tuesday of the month - The Orthodox Church
The second Tuesday of the month – Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession
The rest Tuesdays of the month – other churches Polish Ecumenical Council
Four times a year is also emitted retransmissions devotions. Twice a year emitted ecumenical program.

Non-catholic religious TV programmes

TVP (polish public television) presents the various religious programmes focusing on the Catholic Church
and also on the ecumenical issues.

Non-catholic local religious TV programmes

TVP (polish public television) has a network of 16 units of the regional television stations. All of them provide different religious programmes depend on the local activity of the religious denominations.

Non-catholic local religious radio programmes (also broadcasts via Internet)

There are many local radio stations which presents various religious programmes focusing on the members of the different religions. Some of them are presented below:

Radio orthodoxia
Radio orthodoxia it is a religious radio station. It was established on 30 November 2001 by the authorities of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church. His first broadcast started on 19 December 2001 . Radio is showing and promoting Christian values such as love, hope and faith.

Radio Plus Opole
Saturday at 5 .20 p.m. (30 minutes) - Lutheran radio program

Radio Opole
Third Sunday of the month, second day of the Nativity and Easter - Crumbs from the Table of the Lord 10-minutes discussion
First, third and fifth Saturday of the month at 8.10 a.m. to 8.25 a.m. - Voice of Life - the life of Protestants in Silesia .
First and third Sunday of the month – Faith Forum at 9.10 to 9.30 a.m. Conversation on current topics of the ethical, moral and theological representatives (priests) of the following churches: Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Pentecostal.

Radio Zachód
Second Sunday of the month – Prairie Lutheran at 7.40 -7.50 a.m.

Radio Katowice
Every Sunday at 7.05 – 7.20 a.m. – Lutheran religious program

Radio Piekary
Every Sunday at 7.40-7.50 a.m. – Lutheran religious program

Radio Koszalin
Every Sunday and holiday of the month at 8.10-8.30 a.m. ecumenical magazine

Radio Lódz
The Word - 5 - minutes broadcast of Christian Churches in Lódz region affiliated to the Polish Ecumenical Council (excluding the Orthodox Church) - every Sunday at 6.45 a.m.
Lutheran audition broadcast every sixth Sunday at 6.45 – 6.50 a.m.

Radio CCM
Every day at 8.00 – 9.00 p.m. “Simply” - Lutheran radio program prepared by the Evangelical Lutheran parish in Gliwice and the Center for Mission and Evangelization in Dziegielów.

Non-catholic religious newspapers

Jednota” presents the position of evangelical backgrounds and discussions on important social, political and religious, as well as the achievements and history of protestantism.

"Mariawita" – electronical version of the magazine available on the website of the Old Catholic Mariavite Church.

"Pielgrzym Polski" magazine of the Evangelical Methodist Church.

"Przeglad Prawoslawny" magazine of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church presenting life of the Orthodox Church in Poland and abroad.

"Rodzina" magazine of the Polish Catholic Church.

"Slowo prawdy" - electronical version of the magazine available on the website of the Christian Baptist Church.

"Wiadomosci Polskiego Autokefalicznego Kosciola Prawoslawnego" - electronical version of the magazine available on the website of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

"Zwiastun Ewangelicki" presents protestant view of the world. It is the oldest magazine in Poland.

"Studia i Dokumenty Ekumeniczne" it is the Lutheran magazine published twice a year concerning official documents of the protestant churches and ecumenical matters.

"Wiez" The mission of magazine is to support the development of democratic society. Magazine is involved in the most important problems of religious, social and political life, culture and history. The magazine wants to serve reconciliation and the overcoming of prejudice and stereotype: for example between Poles and Germans, between Christians of different religious denominations.

"Znak" Since 1999 magazine is published as an monographic issue with articles focused on one topic, like modern Church, Polish philosophy, history of 20th century, neurotism etc. Although is a catholic magazine, it also publishes articles written by non-Catholic authors.

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