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Catholic media

Catholic Information Agency (KAI) is the second largest religious agency in Europe, the first and the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. On the Polish media market for journalists is a primary source of information about the Catholic Church. Catholic Information Agency is owned by the Polish Episcopal Conference. Management staff and employees, the vast majority are lay people.

KAI daily news services, prepared by a journalist specializing in religious topics, reach through the internet and by satellite to almost every major editorial in Poland. All significant events in the life of the Catholic Church are being recorded to date by the more than 50 domestic and foreign correspondents.

Catholic Information Agency main objective was and is breaking down the barriers of silence around the issue of ensuring the presence of the church and religious information in the stream of information, which comes every day to millions of Poles. KAI has more than 150 recipients of press releases, among which are the main editors of the media nationwide: TAI, IAR, TVP, the Polish Radio, and all daily newspapers nationwide.

Catholic Information Agency systematically organized press conferences, supporting almost all major events across the country church in Poland. Journalists are systematic informed about the position of the Catholic Church in certain cases. This creates an increasingly reliable in the mass media presentation of the authentic position of the Church, in a manner free from bias or stereotypical variety of patterns of thinking. The activities of KAI largely influenced the change in the presentation of the Catholic Church and its position in the general stream of information coming to every citizen.

The Catholic Information Agency has a guaranteed time in the official Vatican Radio ("Two minutes for KAI") which contains essential information on the life of the Catholic Church in Poland.

Catholic television stations

Nationwide television stations

Telewizja trwam is a Polish TV channel of a catholic-social profil, belongs to the Fundacja Lux Veritatis (Lux Veritatis Foundation). Father Tadeusz Rydzyk is the founder and director of Telewizja Trwam. The station have television studios in Torun and Warsaw. TV Trwam received its license on 13 March 2003 and regular broadcasting via satellite.

Television Trwam motto is: “a means of social communication, not media manipulation”. Station is funded mainly from donations of viewers, listeners of Radio Maryja, and readers of “Nasz Dziennik” as well as from the sale of sets of satellite television receivers. Station broadcasts news and social affairs, political, religious, information programs, music videos and Christian drama. Television has its own teletext.– television channel focused on religious profile, belonging to the ITI Neovision Group launched on 16th November 2007. Director of the station is priest Kazimierz Sowa. The station declares that is open to people of all ages for discuss the topics of faith and outlooks of life. The presents the religions of the world, the most popular place of pilgrimage and life of Catholics in various countries.

Religious programmes in public television

TVP 1. The holy mass is broadcasted every Sunday at 7 a.m. Angelus Domini from Holy See or Castel Gandolfo every Sunday at noon.
TVP 2. “Slowo na Niedziele” (The Word for Sunday) short reflection on reading of the gospel for next day, broadcasted every Saturday late evening.
TVP Polonia. The holy mass is broadcasted every Sunday at 10 a.m.

Regional television stations

TVP (polish public television) has a network of 16 units of the regional television stations. All of them provide different religious programmes depend on the local activity of the religious denominations.

Catholic radio stations

Radio maryja : polish radio station of a catholic-national profile, founded in Torun in 1991 by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists). Radio Maryja has a nationwide license valid until 2018 and it is the only audible radio station which broadcasting via satellite for the whole Poland and beyond. The concession specifies the program of Radio Maryja as social-religious presenting the Christian faith and the problems of social life from the perspectives of faith and Catechism of Catholic Church (Catholic Church’s social doctrine).

Religious programmes in public radio

Polish Radio 1.The holy mass on Sunday morning broadcasted from the Roman Catholic Holy Cross Church in Warsaw since 1980. The news from Radio Vatican at 6.43 p.m. also broadcasted every Sunday.

Local catholic radio stations

There are many different local catholic radio stations in Poland . Some of them belonging to the Radio Plus network which is a network of Catholic diocesan radio stations which entered into partnership Ad. Point Company or signed a franchising agreement. The Company is the owner of the Radio Plus brand. The local stations broadcast own audition at 3.00-9.00 p.m. every day. Currently the network includes twelfth diocesan radio stations.
Official list of the licenses issued by the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiTV)

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