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Health, an emerging concern

The importance being attached to the human body and health issues in today’s society also echoes in the area of religion.
Thus, we are witnessing an increasing number of charismatic movements, particularly those of the Pentecostal genre. Convinced that the salvation of the soul cannot be separated from physical well-being, these movements place emphasis on acts of healing.
Evidence of the (growing) interest in healing is seen in the increased number of pilgrimages (in particular healing pilgrimages) undertaken by people. In the Roman Catholic Church, there is also a significant increase in the number of exorcist priests. There were about twenty such Priests in the 60’s in France, today, they number 119.

Source: Bernard Boutter (CSRES – Strasbourg), "Pluralité religieuse et marché thérapeutique: la métaphore et ses limites", Colloque Pluralisation religieuse et logiques de marché, Strasbourg, octobre 2005.

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