Données sociologiques et juridiques sur la religion en Europe et au-delà

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Rapports et documents officiels

Rapports universitaires, politiques et de la société civile sur la religion dans la vie publique

- Clarke, Ch. and Woodhead, L., ‘A New Settlement Revised : Religion and Belief in Schools’, Westminster Faith Debates, juillet 2018.

- Commission on Religious Education in England and Wales, "Religion and Worldviews : The Way Forward – A National Plan for RE".

- Rose, Christine, "TRANSforming Churches : A Practical Guide for the Inclusion of Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People in the Church", Open Church Network.

- Ipsos Mori, Social Research Institute, A Review of Survey Research on Muslims in Britain.

- Home Office, Applying Sharia Law in England and Wales : Independent Review.

- Advance HE, Religion and belief : supporting inclusion of staff and students in higher education and colleges.

- Elahi, Farah and Khan, Omar, Islamophobia. Still a challenge f