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Religions and the media

Publications of religious organisms

The religious organisms in Brussels are not only concerned about internal communication; they are also trying to spread information on European policies.

The more sizeable communication work is carried out by the Catholics with COMECE’s and the OCIPE’s joint monthly publication, Europe-info, translated into five languages, English, German, French, Italian and most recently, Polish. This review’s readership is half made up of European bishops. The precursors of these publications include Project Europe, a monthly discussion review published by the OCIPE in English, French and German and SIPECA’s monthly information sheets, L’Europe au fil des pages.

On the Protestant side, the EECCS, EECCOD and the CCME did, at one point, publish a common monthly information sheet.

The KEK publishes a trilingual quarterly (in French, English and German) called the Monitor. Only one section of this bulletin deals with the EU.
The Russian Orthodox Church is a member of the forward studies unit since 1999 and therefore plays a significant part in European matters since then. In November 2002, it started publishing an electronic quadrilingual trimestrial bulletin (in French, English, German and Italian) named Europaica. This bulletin deals with all the decisions made by the Moscow Patriarchy concerning Europe, Catholic-Orthodox ecumenism and the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church within the European institutions (the UE and the Council of Europe).
What is striking is the informative and very secular nature of these publications. Opinions and studies are published separately or this information is made available through mailing lists.

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