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Debate on Islam

August 2017

Van Liere’s article deals with the role of ‘Islam’ in contemporary Dutch political discourses on tolerance. It displays how Islam is described as an ideology (and not as a religion) competing with liberal values. The author argues that political disputes are not at all about Islam as a living religion, but about ‘Islam’ as a culturally presumed menace to, or negative projection of, dominant Dutch imaginaries, such as tolerance and free speech, that are taken as elementary conditions for a liberal democratic state. The first part of this article deals with the staging and development of ‘Islam’ in Dutch politics since the 1970s. Part two develops a theoretical understanding of the framing of ‘Islam’ as the opponent of ‘tolerance’ and argues that this position shows a typical modern stance.

Lucien van Liere (2014), "Teasing ‘Islam’: ‘Islam’ as the Other Side of ‘Tolerance’ in Contemporary Dutch Politics", Journal of Contemporary Religion, 29-2, p. 187-202.

9 August 2017