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Les études théologiques

Catholic theology is taught at nearly all public Austrian universities. The Faculties of Catholic Theology at the universities of :

- Graz
- Innsbruck
- Salzburg
- Vienna

offer a 10 semester diploma programme to be finished with the degree of a mag. theol. In addition, the universities mentioned above offer studies in catholic religious education as a diploma programme (Graz, Salzburg, Vienna), a secondary school teacher accreditation (Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Salzburg) or a Bachelor programme (Graz, Innsbruck).
All universities offer a doctorate programme in Catholic theology as well.

Furthermore there is a private Catholic-Theological University in Linz which offers studies in catholic theology as well as catholic religious education, both primary and secondary school teacher accreditation.

As for protestant theology, there is one Faculty of Protestant Theology, seated at the University of Vienna, offering bachelor, master and doctoral studies as well as a teaching degree for secondary schools.

A teaching degree of Islam is offered by the Section of Islamic Religious Pedagogy within the Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Vienna.

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