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Ecoles privées

Schools in Sweden are mostly a task for the local community. There are possiblities for private schools as well, but these schools are very few. Though, in the last years, the number has increased a little. About 5 per cent of the pupils in the secondary schools attend a private school.
Some of the private schools are run by churches or other religious communities. A private school must follow the state decided curriculum, but is also entitled to get economic contributions from the local community. The contributions shall correspond to the costs for the community run schools. The private schools are supervised by the authorities.
The religious education in the Swedish schools is non-confessional, as well in the community run schools as in the private ones. Priests and other representatives of different churches and other religious communities could be invited to the schools to give information about their communities, but they are never allowed to give regular lessons.
A school run by a religious community can have lessons especially aiming at the religion of the school, but these lessons have to be on top of the lessons that must be held according to the curriculum. A private school, as well as a community run school, must follow the state’s guidelines concerning i.e. democracy and equal rights for women and men.

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