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Status of financing

The regulations of the Constitution do not refer to financing of churches and religious denominations. According to the article 25 para.1 all religious denominations should enjoy the freedom to perform their religious functions. In effect, public subsidies should be available for all religious denominations on the same legal conditions established by the State. According to Judgement of 14th December 2009 Polish Constitutional Tribunal noted that "state budget may provide a financial support for activities of churches and other religious denominations if objective criteria for such public subsidies are guaranteed by the act".
Article 10 of Act of 17th May 1989 on guarantees of freedom of conscience and religion provide that "Republic of Poland is a lay state, neutral in religious and convictions matters. The state does not subside and finance churches and other religious denominations. Exemptions from this general rule are established by the particular acts".

28 September 2012